Studying abroad is one of the most important decisions that you take in your life. Don’t know where to start your search to study abroad? But, you have come to the right place!

Vishwadha helps you to find a better way and make your dream come true. If you plan to study abroad, you may have many doubts in your brain. Thousands of students will have the same doubts as you. It is necessary to clear up those doubts and make a great decision. We provide comprehensive information about each service to applicants to get the most familiar choices.

That’s why we’ve listened to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Abroad Education. Since we are constantly expanding our services, we’ll add more in the future. Have a look at some questions we receive. These will be helpful to use our services.

General FAQ's

1. Why should I study abroad?

Quality comes with perseverance of educational institutions. Every aspirant student has an intention to pursue his/her education from a renowned university to have a bright future. Education abroad provides exposure, career oriented path and easy way to get settled abroad. Post completion of education, students can avail benefits of foreign countries work or permanent residence status; in fact this is a milestone in their career.

Great benefits followed with international experience and surely it is considered the best.

Chance to live in multi-cultural environment

More chance of getting permanent citizenship

Wonderful career opportunities

Highly paid jobs

International recognition

High exposure

2. Do I need an education consultant to study abroad?

Students are welcome to avail Vishwadha Overseas educational services at a reasonable cost. We encourage students to take the consultant’s assistance to study abroad for many valid reasons those can be denied. However, students can apply directly to get admissions. Consultant are specialist, experts in overseas educational processes and laws, we help to minimize the risk of losing the golden chance of pursuing studies abroad.

Our services provide full insights of each & every country, university and institution proceed towards winning the milestone. Our team is well versed with the following benefits where students might find difficult to handle them alone.

Foreign institution/university admission procedures and mandatory documents

We provide live updates and status.

Assistance in availing visa/scholarship/legal documentation

Association with bank for educational loans

Support during the interview process and after landing.

3. Am I eligible to study abroad?

Eligibility is a basic requirement and it differs from university and foreign educational policies. Students have to meet the minimum requirement criteria or preceding level qualification for higher level education. Vishwadha helps students by conducting consulting with assessment programs and recommend the procedural activities to win admission in desired university.

4. When is the right time to start the admission process to study abroad?

Since you have decided to momentum your goal to study abroad, the best time would say one year advance the process has to be started and in some cases might consume 3 to 4 months. However, we would recommend you to begin the application process one year in advance that would be ample time to decide the process and proceed for your overseas education. The admission process is different from university to university and country to country and aspirant students must be well aware of processes and procedures. GRE and GMAT are mandatory in some countries and IELTS and TOFEL are mandatory in some other countries.

Students looking forward to study in the United States have to write GRE AND GMAT exams. Therefore, they have to start working a year ahead. In countries like Australia even if one puts an application as early as three to four months ahead is perfectly fine as long as one is able to write the IELTS, PTE and TOEFL.

The Vishwadha counselling team helps to apply any desired college/school/university. We are experts in overseas counselling with minimal consulting fees. Please contact us to know more.

5. How much does it cost to study abroad?

Tuition fee with Hostel boarding fees and other expenses may vary place to place and university to university. What we stress in counselling to always avail the scholarships so that cost burden may come down. During the counselling we disclose all the necessary cost information country/university based. We provide solutions to tailor made based on the budget and financial provisions. We request not to worry about cost if you are eligible and capable then we can provide guidance to avail study loan.

6. How long does the application process take?

Vishwadha recommends aspirants to kick start the process at the primary stage, aspirants can enough lead time to develop interest and research their chosen educational programs abroad. Vishwadha assists you with necessary supporting services to successfully get admissions.

Not every country follows the same rules and procedures in offering entry for pursuing education. A promptly filled application can consume around 30 to 45 days to fulfil the admission procedures proceeding to the visa stage in the next level. Vishwadha has a unique team for knowledge transfer about the current educational affairs nearly all famous well known educational destinations, this, for surely helpful to the aspirants to prepare and take appropriate actions.

7. Will I need to attend an admissions interview?

Aspirant students are requested to prepare for the admission interviews as per the admission rules mentioned in the application. Generally few universities conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates at various locations, aspirants receive an admission interview call letters and interview can be held through other mode of communications like Skype and other communications.

Not all universities take admission interviews, however Vishwadha trains the students to succeed in the admission process. So get trained and be ready to face the challenges which lead to self-transformation.

8. Is it tough to get VISA?

Educational visa is always an easy way to enter into any country almost, it is possible by applying and filing the accurate documentation. Visa assistance from experts helps the aspiring students to provide the required supporting documents in order and sequence to file/submission at different levels. Vishwadha is proud to announce that we have succeeded to produce the error free documentation, making reviewing officers a glut to stamp the documents.

9. Can I work and study at the same time?

Work and study is a realistic and most easy way to make a bond with other cultures. This allows you to earn money for future expenses, but also reward with real time exposure to business opportunities. Universities allow to work while studying as per the educational & labour norms, so you can make use of the extra time to earn part time jobs to support your educational necessities.

Vishwadha assists the pursuing students with know-how of the foreign land, labour laws and guides you gain part time jobs. Contact Vishwadha and know what the minimal weekly pay is earned by the students.

10. What challenges should I expect to face?

Vishwadha develops solid bonding with the students travelling abroad, we promise what to deliver. Nevertheless, challenges are bound to encounter, but our support and guidance assists the students to predominantly face these challenges. Vishwadha keeps a full track of all students, our community members (Vishwadhians) help & support each other. We give excellent counselling to overcome the cultural differences, food habits, homesickness, financial issues, and language barriers.

11. Will studying abroad help me find a good job?

Certainly, study abroad can prospect your career and boost up your profile with experience gained from pursuing studies, internship and academic projects. Enormous opportunities might be possible in multi-national companies. Opportunities may follow you once the education is persuaded successfully in the same country.